THE SAN MARCO is a unique inter­disciplinary design studio in Vienna, Austria. I create brands and tell their stories across all chan­nels, be it classic or virtual. I also like edi­to­rial design and love to create mar­ket reports and perio­dicals of any kind. Oh, and web­sites! I like to do web­sites. What I dislike, how­ever, is to be cate­gorized – no matter where you want to go, I will join you on your mis­sion: To boldly go where no agen­cy has gone before.

Check out some exam­ples of my work.

Ich arbeite für Kunden aus unter­schiedlichen Bran­chen, die den Blick über den Teller­rand wagen und dabei gelegen­tlich auch aus handels­üblichen oder alt­bekan­nten Mustern aus­brechen möchten: "Wir brauchen einen Folder...." You're really sure about that?

allora Immo­­bi­­lien, Ami­so­la Immo­­­bi­­lien, Bal­­thasar Kaf­fee Bar, Bank Aus­­tria Real In­­vest, Bar Mon­­tina, Bar Truth and Dare, Colliers, Dr. Ul­rich Immo­­bi­lien, IRM Bro­ker, KWR Kara­­sek Wietr­zyk Rechts­­an­­wäl­te, L1 Immo­­bilien, Mana­­ging Artists con Brio, mrp Ho­tels, Noble Sav­age, Öster­­reich­­isch­er Ju­risten­­ver­­band, PARK, Pilz & Part­ner Zivil­­tech­niker, Pi­ment Immo­bilien & Invest­ment, Rist Immo­bilien­con­sulting, VÖPE – Ver­eini­­gung Öster­­reich­­isch­er Pro­jekt­­ent­wick­ler, Taiyo Legal etc.